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Was Carp- but BASS is better


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Got the phone call from my mate Kayne Friday night about the what, when, where and how,

What-Bass, yella’s anything

When-Saturday 23rd


How-kayak, row-boat, land based

CARP where to be the main species to catch, but the dam in which they are in, was closed to us as a ‘carp buster’ comp is to be held in the dam early Feb and the owner wanted it to be ‘untouched’.


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As we got closer it became all to clear, with or with-out a fish, it was going to be a great day. OR so I thought…………….

With a tackle box full of lures, 2 rods in hand, one, a fluger 2-4kg with a shimano 2500 6lb fireline and 8lb fluorocarbon leader, and a Gillies 6wt flyrod, I couldn’t decide what to run with first. Decided with surface lures, handed some out to Kayne, as he is not a regular fisho and hash very limited knowledge, so all these lures where confusing the hell out of him, and him always asking ‘are you sure’ when I handed out a lure.

We had lots of follows but no hook-ups from the jetty/landing like structure.


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The other two in the HOLY-BOAT where amazed, that fish I caught made them try harder to no avail. It was the only fish for the day.

From the dam we headed down to the creek (Albert river to be exact) in my hilux.

While dodging cow patties on my way to the creek, I had to very alert as to where to drive as the track is overgrown and narrow.


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Both Kayne and James had lots of follows and whacks, but to no avail. The sun was very high in the sky and the creek was lit up. To bright for the fish I recon.

Spent a few hours working the creek, will definitely have to go back very very early morning or late arvo. The owner of the property said it is not unusual to catch 10-15 bass in a late arvo session (I was thinking ‘damn… I have to be home by 5).

Headed back to the jetty/landing to chill and have another fish from the kayak. I had the fluger in the rod holder, as I pushed and jumped into the yak, the line caught a reed and the drag must have been to tight, and SNAP the rod snapped into 3, yes 3 pieces……..NOT HAPPY JAN

That was it, fishing over.

We all cooled down by having a swim in the dam.


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