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Noosa River 02-07-06


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Well after a few late knock outs, it was back to the original Noosa river crew.

Angus, Troy and Mat.

SP's were the go for the day and no bait was packed. We did however take some bread in case the bream needed a little encouragement. We started at Dawn at what used to called Barry's Wharf. The water was absolutely brilliant and smooth and it really looked to be a great session. After about 5 mins Troy was onto his first fish of the day, a very healthy looking Moses Perch measuring about 20cm. This Perch hit like a steam train though and really fought like a much bigger fish. Then we saw the mullet! :blink: That day at Noosa there were more mullet in the river than water. And im not even joking. They were so tightly packed that their fins were sticking out the water everywhere.

The next place we targeted was the Munna Point lagoon and then bridge. Mat Scored a very nice Bream under the boats in the Lagoon while Troy Scored another bream next to the pilons of the bridge. Sadly there was not to surface action we had hoped for at the bridge. However as if to taunt us, as we were about to leave a guy came down to clean his 6 very respectable Taylor he had caught just around the bend :angry: Oh well as Ned would say \"Such is Life\".

Next stop, the canals. This is were it picked up a bit with Troy landing another bream, this one a thumper at 34cm, a decent flathead, and would you beleive it a Ray on SP's! Mat landed a couple of good bream as well. And poor me managed a small bream and two butter bream :P Oh well fun is fun.

Next we were off to the mouth. We usually fish a little hole here and as usal it produced, just nothing big. Mat managed to land a pike and troy another moses perch and small cod.

Around point (past the nudist beach) in the mouth we decided to have a crack at the prolific mullet. So out came the bread we had been using to stir up the bream. We were not to sure if they would feed but it was worth a try. Well it sure was worth a try with 6 solid fish being landed. The largest by yours truly! My mullet went 58cm! A huge fish. I had heard that these sea mullet taste a lot better than their full time estuarine cousins so i decided to keep them. Well taste good they did. Believe it or not, one of the better fish meals i have eaten in a while! While mine was the biggest, none of these fish were small with the smallest one coming in at 35cm.

Overall a bloody good dawn to dusk session. Although i am far from mastering the SP's im happy with catching 4 fish in a day (especially one thats 58cm) and watching some other very good quality fish caught.

Before i go i might just point out that mullet are actually amazing fighters. I had to work really hard to land mine, and Troy's first fish fought non stop for nearly 10mins constantly taking out drag from a very tightly wound spool.

Tight lines all!


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i would advise mulet fishing to anyone! not overly hard to catch but a much better fight then most other fish... also that ray gave me an awesome fight aswel... would love to do it again... gus you forgot about mats gt at munna point lagoon... i won again ... just like last time B) off to the tweed this arvo!!!!!!!!!!! ABT!


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