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Australia Day - Yeronga stretch


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Apologies for the late report, but the pics have only just come up on our friends facebook page for me to pilfer.

So with Gus living stupidly close to me, it was logical to get him to come along to our Australia Day day time activities. It was at our friends house who’s only back visiting from her home base of London for a few weeks. Anyway... her house backs onto the Bris River at the Yeronga stretch.

A few brews, a BBQ, a bunch of catties and a good cod caught by my brother it was a good day. Unfortunately no sharks. I had live catties out there all day.

Here’s some pics. 17441_307056575010_509615010_5173038_282692_n.jpg


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haha.. Angus and I were commenting that if she did the report there'd be a lot more replied than if I did it :D

and she's very smart to boot Davo. She's completing her thesis at Oxford in London....something about womens humanity in 3rd world countries... her and Angus were yapping about it for ages. Quite interesting I'll admit though.

also... that pic of her with the loaded rod is on Angus's Lemax... there's a promo pic for ya Ben :D

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Do$tylz wrote:

. 17441_307056900010_509615010_5173077_5598039_n.jpg

the ol' look-a-alike hey...

I just had the funniest thing happen this morning. I saw this guy from the back/side about 10 metres in front of me and im like he has crazy spiked hair, is wearing the uniform - its Henry! so i yell out "henry"...... no response. another softer hell of "henry" and this person turns around a little confused. :huh: in my head im like he's 98% henry but hes not henry. :blink::blink: i was so confused...... then this guy is like "hey im henry's brother". hahahahaha :lol::lol:

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