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Scarborough reef 28/1 kayak


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:woohoo: the weather reports where right for a change, 9Kn at 4am dropping to 2Kn by 7am WNW. Dad and I launched at the park on Landsborough rd/ Warde st (very good launch spot) We trolled north to my spot. I dodged the donut with a small cod along the way.

Perfect start,


We arrived at the reef and dad started with sp's and soaking pillies whilst I started with hbs. Dad caught a bream 25cm on a half pilly. I got a couple more small cod. I then swapped over to sp's 4inch nuc chook. As I counted it down, 1,2,3 zzzzz it got smashed and whent straight down and bricked me on th reef :( So I rerigged and kept at it. got a few smaller bites then whilst counting it down 1,2,3,4,5 zzzzzzzzz smashed. Luckily I was a bit deeper and managed to turn it. A few minutes past and I netted my first cobia at 76cm :woohoo:



Kept trying with the sp's and getting plenty of bites and bust offs I decided to troll again using a Rappalla magnum sardine. Which paid of, I landed a nice 66cm jew. After a few pics he was released. (Getting a Jew on a lure (sp or hb) was on my 2010 list).


It was a sensational morning. Dad caught 3 bream and 2 small cod and I got the cobia, Jew and 6 small cod. I will definatly return to the reef asap but I reckon it would fire in winter with the snapper.

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ellicat wrote:

Great morning there mate. Even better you that you shared it with your dad I reckon.

Congrats on the PB's.....the cobia must have been a bit of a surprise :woohoo:

If you want a tow out there on a cold winters morning let me know :P :laugh:

A tow out would be good but Im a bit slack with the leccy on constantly.

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