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Walangarra area

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I'm heading to Walangarra (small town on the qld nsw border past stanthorpe) Friday night for the w/end. Freshwater fishing hasn't really been my thing but I really want to give it a shot out there. Basically what is a basic and easily available bait to use in places like this for any sort of fish really. And I'm also thinking of getting a couple yabby/cray traps from bcf to give them a go to, so what is a general bait you freshy fishers tend to use in them? I only ever used garden worms in the local rivers when I was a kid, and only ever caught eels, catfish, and Dhu/jew? fish. Aswell as a bit of dough for the garfish, so that is about my fresh water limited experience. Any suggestions before I go would be appreciated. Cheers Jason.

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Thanks for the great feedback so far people. Just another quick question while I'm at it. Would any particular style of lure either s/p, h/b, or spinner be ok in that area? Not sure if I will have time to go to the expense of lures for such a short period, but ya never know till ya ask.

I hope to pick up a freshwater regulations guide tomorrow, but are there any particular bans on any species at the moment?

I wish this trip was planned that way I would have done more research prior, but thats fishing huh?

Thanks again.

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Open slather on everything except tandanus (eel-tailed cattie/jewfish/dhufish/dewfish) at the moment I believe. Shrimp for bait or worms (don't bother with bought ones though).

A few different sized Stumpjumpers will be good value coverage for hard bodies. Forget the SP's. Spinnerbaits in blues/puples/red-black combos - light weight (the rivers not real deep).

If I was you, I'd have the shrimp traps in the water with some leftover KFC from Warwick in the water first, then setup a Stumpjumper on one rod, then setup a bait rod, collect the shrimps and deploy the bait rod to the middle somewhere and work the edges/snags up and downstream with the lure rod.

Good luck.

Take pics and let us know how you go.

PS If you get a cray or two in the trap save them for later/when shrimp run out. Shrimp seems to win over them.

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Thanks for the tips even though we didn't get much time to do the best thing, fishing. Got a floating/shallow dive h/b and a spinnerbait from chareltons, these are what he recommended for area's like that and he sold me the colours you recommended ellicat :)

We had 3 traps in the water most of the time, well all of the time just using sunlight soap.Saturday the traps were still empty, and after chatting to many locals we decided to move the traps to another location about 10k upstream. They were amazed that the fish in the dam weren't playing, not even the locals were getting any. Sunday lunch time was final trap check and time to pack things up. And bugga me, the last one we pulled up had 2 nice blueclaw yabbies/shrimp whatever they are classed as. Only just under 10cm, I could picture a hook in the back of them and catching me a quality fish, but time was against us. We spotted a bloke and his boy further upstram using a scoop net and they were only getting very small stuff. So as the local people out there were so nice and friendly and chatty, we kindly paid back to the town and offered our 2 blues to these blokes and they greatfully accepted.

Now I'd like to give a tip to you blokes here. My mates sister works at the new 10 pin bowling alley at stanthorpe, leave her alone she's happily married :P but, make sure you stop in there, take the kids/family or just you and ya mates and have a crack at there woodfired pizza's. They are yuuuummmmmmyyyy. Nice and cheap, design your own, (sort of like a subway thing) Delicious! If ya have kids there is a massive indoor play area and aswell as the bowling alley, but TRY the pizza at the bowling alley, not the pizza shop accross the road, it is in the bowling centre, you will smell it when ya walk in :)

Thanks again guys for the help at short notice, sorry i didn't catch a fish to post a pic, but I couldn't even find a local even the fishing club member we spoke to couldn't pull one in for a pic. Oh well, that's fishing.



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Yes it sure is nice out there, and for under $60k you can buy serviced acerage blocks to die for, but I'll keep that a secret.(wish I had a spare $40-60k). I did manage a couple pics but they were only of rock :dry: I think one has a shot of a nice billabong/lagoon thing along one of the many tracks, I'll load the pic for ya's one day.

I never really had interest in fresh fishing before as I only ever fished the local brisbane/bremer catchments and always caught catfish and eels when I was a kid. But after getting myself into the true freshwater scene I think I may have a new twinkle in my eye.

Pizza...Did someone say pizza??? Aaaawwwwww them pizza's are good! :lol:

Wallangarra...Love it!...But take a jumper just incase, lol.

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