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wellington point reserve upgrade


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This has to be the most idiotic design ever planned and approved

THIS IS THE REVIEWED PLAN after complaints about the original one .

Currently work has proceeded .

Biggest issue >>> Footpath across the top of both ramps ?????

this is a case of the accident that will defiantly happen

A kid will be dragged under a trailer down the ramp for sure

Fire off the emails and hopefully work will be halted before someone is hurt

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ellicat wrote:

Hope they didn't pay anyone too much to come up with that.....3 huts and a few new trees :blink:

the huts and trees are ok . its the increased traffic past the ramp and the fact that

the current boat trailer parking bays on the waters edge will become normal carparks and a footpath along the foreshore that crosses both ramps

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Cant expect anything else from Redlands Council the only boating/fishing friendly counciller has gone to state parliment.

Wonder they didnt put in a koala walkway also.

They have a long history of stuffing up ramp areas such as Victoria point ramp and Weinman creek with more to come.



ps forgot about cleveland point and Thornside where they did a ramp upgrade but didnt remove the rock bar at end of ramp.

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