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Slam baits

luv 2 fish

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Been trying a few different SP's and havnt had much luck. Guess i gota work on my cast and retrieve a fair bit, plus i gota stop gettin bored with it so easy.

Anyway was doing a bit of searching on SP's and found these Slam baits. From the videos ive seen they look bloody awesome but we all know that they are probably edited. lol

Has anyone tried these slam baits at all???

Also has anyone caught much at Toorbul and dohleys rock's on SP's?



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luv2fish, forget the slams.... go grab yourself a pack of 3 inch Atomic Guzzlerz Prongs.... i'll even let you choose your own colour.... think of it as a 'Coose your own adventure' book from back when you were a kid...... ;-P

Pick yourself up a pack of 1/32 mid-weighted jigheads while you're there (i preff TT's but Berkley do make a nice one in this style)...... then get out there and smash it up...

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