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Rocket's Birthday CIW Session Reports 30-1-10


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First of all a big thanks to all those dedicated and optimistic AFOers that braved dodgy conditions today at Clear Island Waters. :cheer:

Arriving at the launch area at 3.00pm conditions still looked pretty bleak with strong wind gusts, heavy cloud cover and a bit of surface chop, but it was great to see a good mix of familiar and new AFO faces rigging up or already on the water.

A group of fishermen was just leaving as we prepared to launch and they asked about the the Yaks and where we were all from. Told them a bit about AFO so perhaps we will have some new members soon :)

Between the uncomfortable surface chop, strong wind and jet-ski hoons, the plan of attack was to stick to the edges where we got a small amount of protection.

I spent most of the session trolling hardbodies in areas that have previously produced for me, but alas, the fishing was bloody hard going, and I was saved from the dreaded doh-nut by an ambitious baby tarpon that attacked my lure despite it being almost half it's size.

I got one decent hit on a popper while casting to the lillys, but it failed to connect (and almost made me wet myself in suprise :blush: )

Getting back to the launch spot on dusk we swapped reports and the story was fairly consistant...very slim pickings :(

A few of the fellas had already left when we got back in.

Sorry to have missed you guys, I know that a couple of you actually managed to land some fish, so I kept some of the prizes just in case you would have figured in the places.

(please let me know what you caught and how big!)

Of those that were there at the death, Mongrel Jack scooped the pool with biggest bass and biggest bream :woohoo: well done mate.

Tomca (the only other angler to catch a target species :P ) took out a prize as runner up for Bass, and then was lucky enough to have his name drawn out (by the lovely barrell lady Tacklebox ;) ) to pick up the door prize as well.

Overall it would have been great to have more fish landed, and better conditions, but that's fishing for you. B)

I'm sure that this area holds some great fish, and hopefully for those who fished it today for the first time, you'll give it another crack sometime.

Thanks again to all who gave it a crack today, I really appreciated your company and birthday wishes.


(Please feel free to add your reports and pics from today on this thread)

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Firstly I would like to say thanks to Rocket for organising this. Was good to meet some of the guys and girls at last - put names to faces - what a great bunch too! Was also good to fish some waters that are new to me - I'm convinced this place would produce good fish on the right day - heaps of swirls on the weeds and lilly's that I would guess were bass. Had a top afternoon - thanks all. Oh yeah the lure that did the damage for me was a Tim Morgan Rack Walker. And happy birthady Rocket!




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Hey Rocket thanks for the invite and nice to meet you.Now for those that chickened out and others that have fished there,you will be pleased to know that a new donut king will be opened soon.I would have been happy to catch a cat fish to avoid the dreaded donut but alas wasn't to be.

It was nice to see some regulars tackle box,kreel,tomca and nice to meet so new people keen as,mongral jack,norivan I hope thats right,the two greg's and steve.

It was the first time for me fishing out of the canoe in the salt and it was made all the more fun by the chop and with to much gear in the conoe only having a very small draw it was back to the bank to unload some gear.(shut up tom I can here you laughing from here yes I know it may have something to do with the big fat guy it the back) :laugh: :laugh: so take two and away we go so for the next 2hours with only one quick hit and game over but it was a great day and again thanks rocket for the invite.

cheers dassa

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I donutted but my mate, Shane (Non AFOer) got a 32cm Bass. We were both buggered from battling the Albert in the morning so didn't hang around. Will definately be back there sometime soon, perhaps when the weather is a little better though.




PS Happy Burpday Rocket and thanks for organizing a great arvo out.

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Thanks Rocket for the organisation and hope you had a good arvo for your (today) bday, enjoy a few coldies mate. My sesh was a big fat donut. Doesn't matter, it didn't rain, I got a few bites, 1 surface bite and got to spend time on the water with new and old faces so it wasn't all bad. It was a pretty good location for a kayak social, with plenty of water to explore, I will make the effort to drive down there for a morning session soon.

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Rocket75 wrote:

I got one decent hit on a popper while casting to the lillys, but it failed to connect (and almost made me wet myself in suprise :blush: )

I think that was from not putting the bung in under your seat......AGAIN!

Thanks to Rocket and sponsor HOME LOANS MADE EASY, I ended up with prizes..in your face Yoyo :) :cheer: :lol: :laugh: :woohoo: :P

I got smashed a couple of times on a sammy for no hook up under the Boggawallan Rd bridge then moved to cast some small spinnerbaits along the weed edges at the golf course. After a few bumps and short strikes with dropped bass I added a stinger and landed a very small but greedy bass. I changed to a weedless hook with no lead and a small clear/glitter grub and continued to entice fish from the nursery(shut up Biggles)

Sadly my usual dead slow troll with small minnows did not entice a bream.

My partner in crime for the day Novrain, had one surface hit on a cicada plastic and also donutted.

Also on the way down I exitted one ramp too far and on the way back north through Robina I found a kayak launch ramp to the right of the end of Robina Town Centre Drive. Part of the CIW canal system, but much narrower with lillypads up both sides. Looks the goods for a sunrise session on some dirty fighting bass.

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happy belated birthday rocket... and thanks for organising this.

it was good to finally get out and put some faces some of the names,

big thanks to tomca as well for transporting myself and my kayak down too. good bunch of people. oh and thanks to bigtez for those reels too

will try to make time for more of these trips

first look at tomca's kayak when he picked me up and i found myself literally salivating just looking at it. then reached launch point, salivating more with all the other kayaks. mine was already basic and was even more basic when i found out i had lost my back rest on the way down. had one hit-up like tomca mentioned on this weedless cicada he lent me but failed to hookup

good new is we found it lying on the road 5 hours later on the way home! how lucky is that!a bit battered and bruised with dents and missing a plug. any tips on how to get it back in shape? tomca suggested leaving it in the sun.

took a couple of water shots - see attached.

all in all ,good fun on the water. PIC_00021_a.JPG

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Good job Rocket great arvo and a happy bday. Greg (Sudds) and i arrived just after 1pm with the plan to have a quick fish around the launch site but the rain put lay to those plans we got the Outfitter set up (slowly) did a meet and great and launched about 2.30pm, I donutted (changed lures 9times in 3hours)but Greg managed 2 bass a 29cm and 21cm model on a trolled green/black/gold micro mullet from around the edges. Definately see this spot producing on the right day, i left all my surface gear at home so next time i'll give the topwater a crack late in the arvo around the lillies i reckon i looked lijke it had potenial to produce a few.

Once again cheers for organizing a great arvo Rod sorry we had to bail before you got back in but had to hit the frog & toad.


Photo's to come later tonite.

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