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night time lure session.


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g'day folks, went down to my favourite spot at happy valley lastnight to try my luck with some lures.

got down there about 10pm and the tide was on it's way out.

i could here fish getting smashed on the service so first tried a few different poppers

with no luck :(

so i pulled out a few divers and after a bit of trial and error i was finally getting good hits :) (a small baby crank was doing the damage)

only a couple of cast's and i was on to a good fish. it peeled line 4 or 5 times before spitting the lure :angry:

turn's out, the fish had bent the treble :blink:

straighten it up and it's back in the water. it was non stop action with the lure getting smashed with every cast. finally managed to land a grunter bream that went 39cm :) and 3 more followed not long after. biggest one going 41cm.

but now had to leave them on the chew as it started to rain very heavily. not sure what bent my treble but it went harder then any of the grunter bream i caught :dry: might have to go back tonight to find out :laugh:

now for some pics. 00222.jpg


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fishingnut wrote:

was that near the mouth (rocks) or up near the new board walk? fished there plenty of times but man does the tide rip through there

yeah near the mouth. the council have dug out a big section for people to swim in. it fills up with the tide and drains out with the tide, it runs straight out into the deep water and is surrounded by rocks. i seen plenty of fish with the torch but i'd say after a few weeks it will be no more from sand movement and waves.

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ryanyoung wrote:

Great work Fergie, when are we on for another session in the fresh?


as soon as possible. i went to the usual spot on sat and flooding badly,down stream from weir was ok but didn't have enough time to fish it, ended up with a donut then had a session in the canoe with jimmy and kiwi on sunday, yet another donut for me :(

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