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4x4'ing Fort Hood, Texas.


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Went up to Fort Hood today to Christen a mate's new jeep. You may have heard of Fort Hood recently.... The property ajoining to the barracks is all Army owned and used for live fire training, everything from pistols, grenades, to artillery. Also you can 4x4 all through it.... they just ask you nicely to stay out of the areas that they're currently bombing. They have a sportsmen's HQ where you pick up scouting, fishing, and hunting permits ( $15/year for all of the above ). This gives you access to drive around, fish and hunt ( they even offer guided hunting during seasons ).

The tracks we drove down were perfect subaru country with a bunch of mud thanks to a day of rain a few days ago, plenty of fun terrain but nothing that would break a car. Plenty of awesome things were seen, firstly were there military vehicles, we saw paddocks full of humvees, tanks, blackhawks, APCs, missile trucks, and all sorts of cool machinery, even an A10 Thunderbolt II ( Warthog ) tank buster jet. A few times we had tanks fully laden with live rounds driving parallel to us on the tracks. The sound of booming artillery was a nice peaceful background noise.




We came across a good assortment of animals, including the amusing sitings of a coyote and a road running within 5 minutes of each other. We saw deer, wild hogs ( Drew didn't have any guns in the jeep otherwise we'd have spent the afternoon trying to get a 150kg hog into the back ), and a bunch of cows. We also drove past quite a few game feeders and hunting stands.




The highlight of the day was driving right through the middle of a makeshift middle east village complete with mosque, where they obviously do live ammunition training for middle east urban combat. The houses were made from shipping containers with windows cut in and clad with think styrofoam painted and carved to look like a stone/mud finish.





Oh and some shots of the jeep :)





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