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Tilapia Session turned Mullet Session


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hi all,

Went for a flik yesterday near berrinba wetlannds for some tilapia. Spent a while throwing lures fo not a touch when I was getting a turtle pull on my other rod and caught a big turtle which i hooked in its Foot Owwwwwww

Anyway got into a patch of tillies that were smaller than 10cm long mixed in with a few spangled perch. Moved to a different spot but same fish by the hundreds when I caught one mullet on worms.

I wacked on a float and threw it out and then got stuck into the mullet and me and my brother braved the weather and caught over 20 mullet it was a great day and if i want bait for sharking I know were to go keen to go back there though as i reckon theres some big carp and tilapia in there if not there is always mullet

Cheers Ross

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