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Carbrook Landbased spots


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Hey Guys,

Anyone have any experience around this area? I am looking at spots around bayside and this area looks promising from the maps.

Just want to know if there is a lot of private property stopping access, or is it unbelievably busy etc.

I'll be targeting the bread and butters with unweighted bait or SP's.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Riedel Rd off Redland Bay Rd at Carbrook is a top spot. Lots of room out on the flats and a shaded area at the same spot, but much less room. Bullies, Bream, Catfish, Flathead, Eels, Whiting, Stingray.

On the other side of the River is Ageston Road that leads into Beitz Rd that is off Stapypleton Jacobs Well Rd. This is a slightly better spot (IMO) but while you can see Riedel Rd from here and even yell out to others there on the flats, it's the best part of 20+ minutes drive from Riedel Rd.

Same type of fish there, but I prefer it as usually more shade, less snags and just as many tasty fish. The problem with Skinners Rd is there is very little room on the pontoon, so while the fishing can be good, it's too tight for my liking. The boat ramp isn't bad, but it's a little too snaggy for my liking.

Hope this helps.



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