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Fishing around Toowoomba


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I am away in the Toowoomba region for the next few days and was hoping to get in a bit of fishing. I see a couple of dams near Crows Nest (Cressbrook and Perserverence), and I will be in Crows Nest for at least a couple of hours - and if the fishing was a possibility, I could probably arrange to overnight there as I have to stay somewhere. I will be heading all over the region from Cecil Plains to Oakey, but can't see much else of any promise after a quick look at the map.

Any advice will be appreciated!


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The fish are pretty spread out in Cressbrook this time of year. There are cod in there as well as bass and yella's.

Perseverence Dam is off limits for fishermen.

Don't discount Cooby as a destination either. Electric only, but the are some big cad and Yella's in there, not that I've managed to land one there yet :(

Mullat Gut marine sell live shrimp and worms if you need some good quality bait

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