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Crazy call


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I got an afternoon call from Crazywalrus to hit up the river for a threadie bash Friday night. A quick check that the wife had survived a bad day at work and wouldn't need consoling and a call back with an "I'm in" was made.

The idea was to chase the illusive threadie with a bucket full of mullet Ted had rounded up with his kids that arvo. We met up at the Port ramp and I supplied a fresh hot Pizza (trying to be a good deckie ;) ) The weather forecast was not too flash so there was only one other boat at Spot "No Secret" where we anchored up.

The floor of Ted's boat was suffering from a case of Mondy Madness and Ted's first hit came on a barra lure that caught his foot. :pinch: I was a bit luckier with only a whiting hook that managed to avoid a nerved area :laugh:

Berley bucket was deployed and the new livie setup was put over the side. Ted set about tying his rig and asked me to pass him a sinker from the side pocket next to me. Well Ted obviously hadn't zipped the tent and a giant bloody "nasty" with eight legs made an appearance to protect his gear from foreign hands :woohoo: :ohmy: Obviously it was a stowaway from the Mondy sticks. I squealed like a girl and made a quick decision to offer Ted a sinker from my own collection, zipped in my tackle bag, after the crazy man had regained his breath before his head fell off from laughter :laugh: He refused to change sides. :whistle:

I cast out a little mullet single pinned with a 6/0 circle with just enough lead to hold bottom. Had a bit of interest early with an enquiry format that I wasn't familiar with...hmmm a threadie perhaps ? I had a feeling tonight was the night. Mullet was gone when I wound in, so a fresh one was sent back out. Not much was happening with Ted being teased by the bream closer to the pilons. Eventually I brought in the mullet and noted some scales were missing and he was no longer full of wiggling. Ted said to put on a fresh one as there were plenty in the bucket, but being the lazy fisherman I sent him back out dead, suggesting he was a proven "tasty".

It turned out to be a good call as a few minutes later the rod had a bit of a wobble and bend in the holder. I grabbed it out and wound in my first jew (that I gave up targeting a couple of years ago). The fight was good at the start, then I called it for a decent cattie mid fight before it put on a bit of late resistance that had me thinking threadie again. It went 75cm on the bragmat,


but when Ted straightened the lumps out it was only 72cm :whistle: :laugh: A few snaps and he was put back in.




Unfortunately my inexperience at handling these fellas saw me slip the fingers into his gills, before having another inexperienced go at using the lip grippers. Neither method seemed to do the fish any favours but hopefully didn't result in being lethal.

Also managed to rustle up a shot for a new avatar (just for you Cain lol)


We changed spots after a bit and headed over to the wharves where Ted managed a shovellie and when we left for the night a line was accidentally left out. Surprise surprise we managed to troll up a cattie from mid water :woohoo: :laugh: :laugh:

Thanks for a night to remember Ted :kiss: :unsure: :laugh:

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Glen - I wouldn't need the jew to be in an Exorcist movie - you should've seen my head spin when I heard the rod go off, not to mention walking backwards on all fours from the casting deck was the best method before we cleared the floor a bit :laugh:

Dan, I've used the sleeper hold on the wife a bit but I'm not sure of the "old hippie's" sleeper hold method for jew. :laugh: Feel free to describe it to me for next time (if I can still remember by then :huh: )

Khoi, Glad you couldn't make it - less competition is the best competition :P

Greg, Ted's got a 4 stroke Merc 40. Nice and quiet. He may one day have a Force strapped to the back though when a new artificial is called for :evil:

Mark, I'm working on shrinking the mat in photoshop, so you will see me being tickled poink via avatar updates :laugh:

Chuffed as a smoker should be, Eug. I'll be getting Ted to do the sacrificial hand checks haha

Mal and Matt, It was a quiet night but the one good fish will make it memorable....and also some of Ted's antics etc that I have vowed not to talk about :whistle: :side: :pinch: :laugh:

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always good to get out for a fish with you Brian. Always memorable :laugh:

Brian is a bit of a girl when it comes to spiders, just as well I did not tell him about the carpet snake that lives under the floor :whistle:

hmmm seems to be a pattern occurring with me with all the deckies out fishing me. This time I did not have the excuse of being busy baiting, tying tackle and dealing with the kids. hmmmmmm :S

well done Brian on the Jew soooooo jealous

have to get out again soon and hit it up again

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