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Nylon Pad Eyes


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Hi all,I`m like straddybrad and don`t deal my details with online shops, does anyone in the Ippy area know where I can get some nylon pad eyes ,locally,as I need some to set up an anchor trolley and some elastic rope gear tie down straps on my yak.

I`ve tried Ippy Marine,Jackson`s,(tivollii marine has vanished),hardware shops,camping stores,T&C

TIA cheers

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Thanks for that offer booty,there not quite what I want first choice,but may have to resort to that type if I can`t find the ones I`d like,also I need about 20 all up of the ones I`m chasing to finish a couple of other projects I have on the go.

Looking through an old catalogue,(company no longer exists) their also called(then) saddle eyes.

kayak/canoe shops,whitworths,bla etc in Brissy will have them,next time I`m heading through Brissy going fishing I`ll pick some up

Thanks again.cheers

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