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saterday night 27/11 no adventure .


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well was going to go out Saturday or Sunday ,but scott rang and was keen to go out last night .

so we went to the Christmas corals / F1 11 thing at the racecourse at Ipswich ,well by 8 pm we left .no fun with 3/4 of Ipswich there.

so by 10 pm we where on the water at colmslie ,boat ran good all night .very happy now ,used about 15 liters for the night (i think )i'll check it proper tomorrow.

on the fishing side of things it was a bit slow ,end up trying 4 spots .caught toad fish ,bream and catfish .it was a lazy night fishing few beers and frozen bait used .didn't bother with the crab pots or cast net ,didn't want to get wet and feeling like a lazy night .

we got busted off a few time over the night,that pepped us up and kept us fishing .few failed hook up's over the night too,more so later in the night as we got tired .

but not a bad night to be out ,no rain ,wind was ok and river smooth like glass .saw a few other boats out on the river over the night .

closest thing we had to my normal adventure was fixing the white light at the ramp before we left .i said to scott :if we start getting heaps of fish i'm running for cover cause, the end of world is about to happen or something .

so as the sun rose we fished for a little bit across from colmslie and as it hit daylight it was time to go home and sleep .we where home by 5.30 am,spent most of the day asleep on and off .


haven't seen a toad fish this size for a bit .


Scott with a catty ,haven't see a big catty for a bit either .

didn't bother taking any other pictures ,seen heaps of bream ,small cat fish over the last few months .


this is the rough area we drove and fished ,haven't driven that far around the river before .usually in the tinny with the little motor or the canoe i pick a ramp and stay around that area .

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