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Quick Macleay Island Session with the kids


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I was keen to go for a fish Sunday to try and make the most of the slightly better weather conditions today. Head out mid morning and got to the spot by 11 am. It was pretty quiet for the first couple of hours and then the satrted to bite. The surprising thing was we only caught 4 squire normally we get up 50. The Grassy Sweetlip where a better size today.

final tally in the esky was

5 x 30-35cm Grassy Sweetlip

1x 35cm Mrowong (painted Sweetlip)

1 x 28cm moses perch

1 x 29cm Bream

all in all a good day


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Were you outfished by the boys again or did you manage to contribute to the esky too ? :P

This spot certainly is reliable for a feed.

Much traffic on the water today ?

Thanks guys - I did add one Grassy to to the Esky. Took me a while to get one big enough. :whistle: It was really quiet out there. The north easterly keep everybody away I think. :sick: There was only one other boat, a local from the Island. I love this spot always good for a feed and many different species there and safe to get to with the kids.

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Hey Ted was it rough?

I went out to Mud and it was pretty rough for the 15knot wind I thought

It was pretty rough on the exposed sides of the island. It was bearable where I was fishing. I left just after the tide turned so I think it would have got pretty quickly worse after that. I reckon Mud would have been rough with the waves getting up over the bay. Most important thing did you catch anything?

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