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Quick Pine Sesh


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I decided to Head down to the Pine for a fish on saturday morning. Got to Dohles Ramp about 6am and headed towards the bridge to flick around some plastics on the flats. After about 20 mins, managed to pick up a 30cm flatty on a 2 inch gulp shrimp:


I released the flatty, and the wind picked up from the east, and it started to get pretty lumpy at Dohles Rocks, so headed down towards Deep Water bend to drift along the bank with the current.

I was using an atomic guzzler and managed to hook onto something that put up a pretty good fight. I called it for a flatty, but to my suprise this trevally came to the side of the boat:



That was my first ever trevally, so i took a few photos and he was on his way. Once again, it went quiet for a bit, so i decided to head past DWB, and flick some 2 inch shrimps along the southern bank again for a flatty. I managed to pick up a decent sized one, going 47ish cm:


All in all a fantastic morning on the water, and home by 10:30. Was nice and quiet down there with not much boat traffic. Was good to see there are still some quality fish about the pine.

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