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thread fin lures and soft plastics?


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ah sweet i actually have them do they work for threadies?

pretty sure they do mate. just picked 2 up myself. i used transams exclusively in the past with much success but found the wire much lacking in strength (i think they are rated 50lb). i went with the threadiebusters because of the stronger wires & hooks at 2/3 the price :P

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Hi Spiro,

you don't really need to go down to light lines with the threadfin they are not leader shy at all

i use a minimum 40lb leader/bite trace, have been rubbed through far too many times by random threadies while chasing other species on 20lb

as Harvey says if you are using vibes of any kind a loop knot with no splitring is the best connection to get the most out of your lure

if you meant how light can you go in terms of weight/jighead size, all depends on where you find them... obviously wont have an easy time fishing a 1/8th in 15m with strong current and vice versa



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thanks mate

it was leader size/regular line just because i do not really want to go out and buy leader

but i do have 30lb leader otherwise i have 60lb and wire trace

ill give 30lb ago and hope to get lucky i guess with the threadies

for bait and softplastics and if i get rubbed through may give the 60lb


jigheads and leads ill be fine with

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