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Downsize outboard?

Mr FeLiX

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Hey guys,

As many of you know a few months ago I purchased a 3.4 Mtr Stessl (I think) on trailer with a 25 Hp Tohatsu from this site.

Upon some inspection I found that the plate on the boat says a maximum of 8 Hp? :unsure:

This isn't good, is it? It is the first boat (proper) i've brought and should of checked I guess.

My question is should I immediatley assume the 25 will tear my transom off? :pinch:

I'm thinking of trading it or buying an 8 outright, just not to sure to do now

BTW, this is not me having a go at the member I purchased the boat off, I have no regrets I should of just noticed this.



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how long has the motor been on the boat if a long time and no damage done id forget the plate

is it insured if it isnt dont worry about the plate

is the hull or motor under warranty if not id forget the plate

otherwise a trade MAY be in order

Motor has been on 6 months I'd say, very minor bending of the transom where the main round mounts were, and I mean minor. No dramas now with the new transom plate.

Not insured atm, gotta get that done though, thanks for the reminder.

Neither the hull or motor are under warranty. Hull is from the 80s, not that you could tell by the condition and the motor is an early 2000s model.

Thanks for the advice too chief

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I would be a little worried as if the hull is as small as you state the craft is way overpowered and if you were unfortunate enough to have an incident and it was found that you were aware of exceeding the recommended hp you would be held responsible to a certain degree even though you were operating responsibly.

It is not only the hp of the motor but also the weight on the transom would affect the trim.

It must really fly with the 25 on it.

Personally i would look at downsizing to a max of 10 to 15hp.

Another option would be to keep motor and upgrade the hull.

If you wish to keep the 25 maybe the compliance plate might fall off.:blush:



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Just another point, the inbuilt buoyancy of the tinny is usually designed for the weight of the boat and the max rated motor. Usually if you go significantly bigger on the motor it's a good idea to increase the buoyancy. A few blocks of foam under the seats should do the trick.

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surprises me that a 3.4m hull is only rated to 8 hp maybe check with the manufacturer to ensure it is correct

I just had a quick chat with Matt and apparently there is a faint 1 before the 8? Lol :P

It makes me feel a bit better, but I'll have to check it out anyway and see for myself again.

As for inbuilt bouyancy, both seats are full of foam underneath, absoloutley chockers

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