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Biggest fish i ever caught!!!


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Hey all,

So i thought i'd try some night fishing down at raby bay the other night. So i confronted my father " Dad saturday night were going fishing, i dont care if you have plans!" So sure enough at about 8:00 saturday night dad and I went fishing, I thought i'd try out my nifty AFO shirt as i'd never been fishing in it. So we rocked up only to find one other person fishing. so we set up in our ordinary spot dad tought me how to do a pananosta rig we baited up, using mullet of course :), and chucked out, took a seat and waited, as i stared at my rod with out braking eye contact i watched it bump up and down as some fish showed interest, dad threw some fish heads out to try and get them on the chew, as the hits started to get bigger i picked up my rod. "Go james" yelled dad as i jagged up.I started winding and said " nah it only little dad theres no fight in this at all". as I got it closer to the top it jumped in some rocks, "let the drag out" said dad, so I did and then the fish just speed off straight to the depths of the ocean floor, "HOLY SH*T" i yelled as i started to pump and wind. the fish got to the top and as we saw colour and series of fish went through our heads. " its a stingray, no its a shovel nose, Oh wait its a bull shark"! peww it dove again, about 15 minutes of fighting dads said " okay tighten the drag up more you wont get it in" so i did, I strarted to pump and wind as hard as possible the fish then got to the top again and we got a closer look, the fish was around 1.5 metres long and around 9-12 kg, as we stared at it we realised it wasnt a bull shark, " is that a cat fish dad?" " i have no idea" he said " wait it's a wobbegong cool" i said, we tried to take some photos but it was a bit to strong to keep in one spot. the rest of the night was pretty much a bust but i caught the biggest fish i'd ever caught! :)

I did all of this on my

2-4 kg Ugly Stik

3000 Rovex reel

10lb braid

40 lb leader (couldn't do the steel trace)

Thanks for reading :silly:

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