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Zim man

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gday all

Ryan and myself made plans to go take advantage of the overcast conditions and humidty at my usual hunting grounds. A short early session as work this afternoon becons.

I was throwing a D pop and ryan had a popper as well as another river to sea fizzer type lure. I was onto my first fish pretty early, it fought well and gave me hope that it was a jack. Instead i was reward with a nice niced Trev.

A few missed surface hits and we changed spots, 2 spot we visit and my D pop is engulfed in a monstrous explosion....but no hook up. man surface fishing is exciting stuff. we hang around the snag and ryan's px is decimated in a huge explosion but again no hook up. I switched to a soft plastic and got broken up on my first cast. Switch back to surface and had quite a few hits for both of us, fustrating to be missing them but great fun none the less. a few bream fell victim including Ryans first surface bream




We switch spots again and whilst being kept on edge with near misses, we saw in the distance fishing busting up on something. We moved over to them and spent the next hour trying to keep up with them as they would disapear and re appear. Ryan got broken up and i got snapped off and endless missed chances but the visual aspect of good trevs smashing the poppers on 6lb line and above was too cool







Afterwards we lost them and the wind came up killed most of the surface action:( ..... most of but not all as the last fish of th day fell to me:lol:



2nd surface jack in 2 weeks, gotta be happy with that.

final score was skipper outfished 4 to 6. The jack restored honour to the score imo.:P

will definitely be going out there again, thanks ryan for a good day out

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Awesome stuff guys! Great to see some good trev's getting caught this month already!

What colour d-pop this time rob???B)

black gold holo was my first choice and they i also put on an orange spot pearl that got smashed bigtime. Next time i will try to control myself, could hae got some awesome footage of surface strikes there. So hard to keep control though

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Firstly, thanks Rob for the morning out.....A fantastic time!!!

I managed to pick up my first bream on surface lure, and then managed an upgrade :P We had so many dropped fish, particularly during the first half of the session, which had us in a constant state of uber-alertness. I think it is safe to say that the big boofs were jacks, and I think it is also safe to say that it was probably a good thing that he missed my px45, as it probably would have been atomized in the opening stages of the fight ha ha ha!!!

It was a great morning with minimal rain, although the wind ended up blowing too hard for decent luring, luckily this was near the time we were going to call it stumps anyway.

Thanks again Rob, was great to get out and learn a bit more about luring, and I will post more pics tomorrow.



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Hello All,

I have finally gotten around to upload some photos from my camera of the day.


Rob was the first one on, and a nice fight later, up came this......


As you can deduce, this GT fought like a lion, and subsequently, Rob succumbed to a quick micro-sleep in order to re-bomb the batteries for the rest of the session :P


The sleep having done wonders, Rob's next photo was full of smiles, as he cracked the donut, and got off the board 1-0.

Throughout the day, we were left alone on the water, with no other boats in site, however we did share a segment off the waterway with this fella......He didn't seem to share our enthusiasm for the fishing, instead ignoring us for the duration of our short stay lol.




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