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PB Threadfin salmon and a couple of firsts.


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hi all

hit up the river a couple of days ago with RyanG45 to prefish for next years BRC :woohoo: left from nudgee boat ramp for the long slow trip to the mouth dodging sandbanks and stingrays :lol: anyway got close to the mouth were it really shallowed out and there was only a couple of inches of water. just not enough to plane over... :angry: anyway but it was worth the slow putter because we came across a rare sight.


after a few snaps we continued our travels into the river to get pulled up by fisheries :pinch: was notified that my inflatable life jacket needed a service and we were off finally to gather bait and give the thready's and bream a solid crack. anywa bait was hard to come by surprisingly only managing a few garfish and a heap of hardyheads at the shoot. i said bugger it we will giv it a try with what we got. got to my spot that im sure people know about xD and put out the liveys and tried for a bream. first cast next to the mooring i got myself a 34cm bream which swallowed the hook so i took not photos and didnt tag it as i wanted to get it back. Asap. anyway got him back and the bream slowed right down not even a nibble. so after about 10 minutes my live gar goes off. extremely quickly but i missed the hook up. so i threw out the other gar and got a solid catty roughly 50-60 cm. so i said lets try get some herring as i wanted to get ryan onto his first thready so we went back and first cast net full of large herring :woohoo: so we went back anchored up and i threw out my livey and was letting it sink when it starts sinking faster :blink: so i thought i reckon somethings picked it up so i tried flicking the bail arm over but by that stage it was running...hard but i managed to flick it over and set the hook and start on a long hard fight. after about 5-10 minutes it was still about 10 meters down but finally managed to raise it from the depths to reveal my PB thready :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: i was pretty chuffed. anyway after a quick assesment it seems that it had swallowed the hook and an inflated air bladded. anyway as the fish was the priority i quickly measured it he went 95cm. (still not my meter plus fish im chasing :angry: )but i tagged it and regretingly had to vent it with a knife swam it and he/she was off to hopefully continue harrasing baitfish.


sorry bout the dodgy photography ryan still hasnt goten the hang of it :P


so anyway after it was relaeased we gave it another 30 minutes without anything and i really wanted to get a few bream. anyway took the rest of the bait and hit up some warfs on the way to colsmlie to a spot were i got busted up big time. anyway at our first stop ryan hooks up to his first fish of the day. it was fighting pretty hard and was surprised to find a small jewie appear. this is ryans first jewie and was chuffed by his donut avoider.


so after tagging it and releasing it ryan was eager for another crack so he gave it another few casts and pulled out two moses perch each going 26cm's they were tagged and the fishing slowed and we were running out of food for them so we went out in search of bait and new fishing grounds.

stopped off at a little creek on the way were i swear nothing lives and decided to head straight to colmslie to get bait around the boat ramp. upon arrival i realised... we r running on fumes. greaaattttt. what now? anyway after a quick chat to nadders who was just leaving it was decided that i bit the bullet and paid the $1.50 a litre for unleaded at the marina. so after watching a bloke trying to troll as well as fuel up xD i was back at the ramp to pick up ryan and head over to the old warf. got the warf and started fishing and it was pretty slow to begin with. then ryan lands a lil bream that wasnt worth tagging so we threw him back in. anyway i decided i would try a peice of gar i found in the bottom of the boat in between two of the pilons. well i hooked it this time. after some sizzling runs directly down and a few close calls to the pilons this big brown shadow im estimating about a meter long shot out underneath me and took off into the deep. there was no stopping this fish and not long after it bit me through. im starting to think that 6lb leader is a bit premature for this spot. i am going to take a guess it was a large cod or grouper? but it was big. anyway it was time to head back to pinkenba ramp and was a good day out concidering the bust ups and fuel shortage.

thanks for reading.


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