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Brissy River Sharking Session


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Hey guys.

The plan was made yesterday arvo that my bro and i should brave the rain and head out today for a sharking session out at karana downs. With my castnet being screwed atm with a heap of huge holes in it, frozen bait was the choice todayy.

Things began quite slow with two rods out rigged up for sharks one with a catty and another with mullet. Meanwhile we entertained ourselves catching catty's. We stuck at in the same spot for about 3 hours when finally something took interest in the mullet. After about 10 minutes of slow and timid strikes, i eventually hooked up, and after a quick but intense fight managed to get him in the net. didn't measure him but say he was around 80cm. :evil:



About an hour later the same rig and bait goes off again and in comes another bully, which was a little smaller, say about 70cm. That was the end of sharking action for the day, and by that stage was stoked to have caught 2. Both sharks were released to fight another day.


I'll definetely be back very soon in attempt to crack my pb of 87cm these holidays. Also got footage of both catches and releases so will be upload shortly. :)



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