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WARNING! Strong Pornography


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hey guys...

some of you may remember the post i made a while ago...

well theres no stopping love...
















Shimano Scorpion XT Rod 1703R

Shimano Scorpion XT Reel 1000

rod is 7', 10-20lb, came with an oh so sexy cloth bag...

reel has been fitted with 20lb powerpro braid...

enjoy the pics!



P.S. i do apologise for my uber feminine haircut. the lady was feeling rather adventurous...

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Heres the catalogue excerpt



And since I’m at it… I thought I’d take it with my spinning setup as well…



Shimano Scorpion XT Rod 1703R 7’ 10-20lb

Shimano Scorpion XT Reel 1000 fitted with 20lb PowerPro Braid

Shimano Sahara Graphite Rod 702SP 7’ 4-10lb

Shimano Sahara Reel 3000FD fitted with 8lb PowerPro Braid

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hahaha thanks for the comments guys!

i do apologise for the anti-climax and the out-of-place haircut (believe me my gf doesnt like it either.)

i will be blooding this new setup in singapore's freshwater game fishing pond...

will post back the results...

Hahahaha @ fishingnut. I am somewhat dissapointed and relieved.

I thought this would be one of those threads I had to enjoy then delete.



ohh man!!! i wake up at 0600 click a thread titled porn only to find wally posing with a feminine cut and a rod in his hands... way to kill a morning glory.:blink:

LOL mate. glad to know you're straight. i would hate it if i turned you on.

The morning glory is just the bodies natural mechanism to prevent you wetting the bed.

Very neatly made bed, Wally. You should be a nurse. :laugh:

haha glad to know i do somethings right.

but actually i will be pretty close to a nurse. physio. :whistle:

how much was the scorpian bc rod the 1703r

the rod cost AUD$325

(but this was ordered from the Singapore Shimano dealer, which is actually where im from and where i am this summer hols. ordered 10 Aug, arrived yesterday.)

i managed to get the reel very cheap cause a friend of mine went to japan recently. so he carried it back for me. AUD$225

You are deadset a Wally :-)

Do they always remain in the bedroom with you, as it looks like they have their own beds too. I hope you bedhop from one to the other and share the love.

haha yeah mate i will when i get back to brisbane in early Feb.

you wont be dissapointed wally, can't comment on the rod but the reel is top notch. i prefer my scorp to my 100dc :pinch:

WOW really? haha well glad to know i spent money on a reel that works!

we should head out sometime dan... would love to test this new setup with your threadybusters against the threadies!

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you wont be dissapointed wally, can't comment on the rod but the reel is top notch. i prefer my scorp to my 100dc :pinch:

:ohmy: wow u sure that's not a typo?

lol no typo, still love the 100dc of course but prefer it for cranking, the scorpion is mad fun for jerking/jigging presentations cause of the lightness and how it barely registers in the hand

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