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Schulz canal shark 4th December


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Hey all,

I see there had been plenty of sharks caught lately here, so I figured I'd give it a crack. Il be going bright And early on saturday morning. I'm not 100% sure where to go but I'm just gonna park next to the golf course diving range and walk from there, from what I can gather I have to walk for quite a while lol

my brother and girlfriend were meant to come but they both can't now. So any company/ experianced Schulz canal sharkers would be greatly appreciated!

Further details just pm me!

Cheers all,


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hi christophagus.

it should roughly only be about 2.5 k's to our golf course spot. it has been extremely slow there but we have goten rid of most of the snags that you can cast net over and theres generally enough bait to go around. i won't be here as im leaving for esk today for a week followed by a week at straddy so i wont be down there for 2 weeks :( but im sure ryan, joel or nathan will brave the storm tomorow and come help you out :P


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