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so being over the wet weather and lack of fishing i decided to go to riverdale park behind the logan hospital to see if there was any sharks around so set up my rods and my light rod to try for a livey but all i could get was catfish 10cm long :angry: anyway then my bullshark rod gets a bite then a slow take uncharacteristic and i was a bit confused then lean back and nothing so wound the dead mullet in to see something had a go at it so sent out a fresh mullet and continued with the small catties when my bullshark rod went again just a slow take anywayset the hooks this time and i hoped it would be my second bully but there was alot of weight and not much zipping around :unsure: then after a while saw the leader and saw a 2m long pike eel pop up and i was pissed and so was this thing so set him loose and that was it rode an hour an a half back home :pinch: still dont think its hot enough yet for them but theres always next time and better than doing nothing

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