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T Curve Revolutions

Mr FeLiX

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Morning all,

Just chasing some reviews on the new T Curve Revolution series rods from Shimano.

Thinking of getting a pair after christmas as the Missus and myself are planning a trip to my old haunts down in nsw.

I'm not asking for particular model specs or anything, just any info on ANY of these rods if you have used them.

Thanks in advance


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Very nice looking rod...not really sure about the guides they used, Pacific Bay Zirconian guides ! for the price I'm not sure why they didn't stick with Fugi guides and seats ???

I put a reel on one and it felt very nice, loaded up quite well too, but unfortunately it was just a bit noodly for my style of fishing so I opted for a T Series instead.

The price was very tempting though !

I'll be keen to hear how the guides perform.

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i got 2 t curve revoloutions the new inshore series. not bad good price for what the are. guides arnt fuji but the reel seat is def fuji it has the oval fuji logo on it. the ones i got arnt cork handle. where as my other T series has a cork grips and much more cumffy in the hand.

they load up good and cast little bass/bream lures a fair distance sesitivity isnt the same as some other t curves but still very good.

personaly I like to feel the vibration from the lure come right down through the blank and feel the vibes of the lure through the fore grip and i think thats why i really like the cork handle over the foam grips. i reckon some of the sensitivity in the hand is lost due to the foam absorbing it and where as the cork fore grip is firm and allows the vibration to hit the fingers

side by side with other t curve models the new revs have much longer butts.

advantage of the longer butt is they go all the way in to a rod holder on the yak and the reels dont rub on the side as the long but keeps em up that little bit more and i know it wont just flip out of the holder like the short butts want to do at times

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