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AFO X-Mas Party 2010


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Thanks to everyone who came along to the AFO X-mas.

Despite the weather it was an awesome day for myself so I hope everyone else had a good time. For lots of people it was there first AFO X-mas and for others their 4th which is awesome to see!

Great to see such a rich family environment as well, good on all the parents who got along with the whole family. The gifts from Santa looked much appreciated.

Ill take this opportunity as well to thank everyone that contributed to AFO, attended an event or social, entered one of our online comps and helped us raise money for various chartities in 2010. A of new faces have appeared at our our events this years bolstering the already numerous stalwarts which is awesome!

Its been a great year and we look forward to a brilliant 2011!




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What is doing in that pic?????

No wonder my hat is so upright ;-)

Was a wet and soggy day, almost having to engage low range on the shoes to get to the BBQ shelter. But once there was good times, good laughs, and good to meet some more new faces.

Thanks to the admins, mods and members of AFO for making 2010 a great year fishing wise, and roll on next year.

And....... so looking forward to BBQ redclaw for dinner at work tonight. Thanks Ray!!

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It was great while it lasted.

Cheers to Dassa for giving me the biggest fright since Moparkev crept up and screamed at me in the river one night.

Thanks to booty for putting him up to it.

Thanks to the rain for the timely contribution it made to enable me to have boiled chicken on my burger.

Thanks again to Dassa for putting my beer up out of reach when a few of us skipped over the hill to scope out the river.

Thanks to IT Henry for giving me technology tips for the new phone (even after I greeted him with redclaw wet hands)

Thanks to the mad scotsman for the esky full of claw.

Thanks to everyone that came and shared a drink and a laugh.

Thanks to Tooheys for letting me have a good time at the pub and also the opportunity to educate a greeny whilst there :whistle:

Here's some pics -

Hulk waited for his present, but wasn't too impressed when one didn't come his way. Here is the start of his tantrum with Angus trying to settle him :unsure:


Here he was getting a little uptight beforehand. Shooing away the other children. :ohmy:


Probably (?) Maxi's first ever XMas present. :woohoo:

(I'll be retired when he has his first legal beer at the 2028 AFO XMas get together):dry:


Angus tried to keep appearances up.


But in the end it suffered the droop.

(Make a good new avatar, mate...just for XMas time) :laugh:


Merry Christmas :)

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I nearly bailed at the last minute because of the rain and still green from the night before, I'm gald I didn't. It was a great afternoon, new and old faces it was good to catch up :)

A big thanks to Ray for again providing a masive amount of claw, champion and thanks to dassa for feeding a hungry bloke.

This years events where great I made it to the MBC and the SOO and thoroughly enjoyed them. I am very much looking forward to next years events, socials, comps what ever, there alot of fun B) Bring on 2011

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Nice one ellicat.

I can now put this aside for my political campaign :P


Johnus: Regarding shirts. I reckon there could easily be another run in January as there has been quite a bit of demand via PM by people who have now seen them in the flesh. Ill keep everyone posted.


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That's a great shot.Gees those pictures could carry all sorts of scripts with them. After taking the scenic route to get there, it was good to see some more of the AFO crew considering how poor the conditions were weather wise on the day. Thanks to Ray for the redclaw. A good time had by all even though the kids were absolutely soaked,they loved every minute of it.


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A BIG thanks to angus for getting this happening even if the weather was less then ideal it was good to see so many people. Thanks to ray for the red claw the misses loves them and more to the point thanks to jono (SCOPE) for suppling the bbq I didn't feel like standing in the rain cooking my steak and snaggs

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Hey all sorry i was unable to attend the meet up but i was sick ,,, But it looks like you all had a awsome time :)

Merry Christmas to All and may the New Year bring laughs , joy and happiness to all .

As for me i await the birth of my 3rd grandchild the best Christmas i can have - so travel safe all and catch the big 1 ,, see ya all in the new year

From Sharrie and Family :) :) :) Merry Christmas Allllllllll

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Sorry we couldn't make it this year - we were seduced by tales of Mackerel and Cobia on the Goldie.

It seems you all had a good time and Booty got a little too excited (nothing new). Did Pussca really try to palm off the number 1 son to Gus? You're a BAD man Puss.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Fishy New year to all.

Kreel and Tacklebox

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