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why do mullet jump


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kk thanks becasue we where at mount crosby weir and every few seconds there was 1 jumpin and there was some massive splashes behind the when they hit they water and some where jumping for like 3-4 jumps so we thought some fish where smashing them?

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Hey buddy,

I've heard so many different opinions on the subject.

I know they are a spooky fish though, so I imagine any little flicker near them in their environment would send them 'boofing'.

I know they jump when being pursued for sure though, i've seen them jumping down home with a big bully carving up the surface behind it.

My 2 cents.


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Found this,I have also been told a 3rd reason was to also attempt to get rid of parasites.

Mullet jump out of the water for two main reasons (according to theory): to avoid predators and as a form of aerial respiration. By jumping to gain oxygen, mullet can remain underwater in low oxygen concentration areas for up to 5 minutes, something impossible through normal fish respiratory methods.

Sea mullet feed on sediments that are found in these low oxygen areas, so jumping occurs more often during the day when mullet are feeding. For like reasons, mullet rarely jump at night, when they are not feeding. Therefore, no, mullet do not jump out of the water all the time, but they do jump out of the water frequently.


Read more: http://greenanswers.com/q/83443/animals-wildlife/behavior/do-mullet-jump-out-water-all-time#ixzz17DtR89IK

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