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Change of plan was made yesterday morning at 7:30 when I discovered there is only one ferry a day to Moreton at 8:30.

We are on Straddie instead and invoking the 1st rule of non-camping - keep the front door locked :P

Have the video onboard and will hopefully have some entertainment to share (outside of the family) :S Fortunately it is waterproof :pinch: This trip has already cost me a bucket of redclaw and possibly some new fish stocks for the pond. :(

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Good luck mate! Look forward to this report.

So when you actually leaving?


We came over yesterday and we'll be back tomorrow night.

Brought the lappy and new phone so I could delete pat2010's rubbish in my spare time. He hasn't let me down :blink: :laugh:

You`ve got it wrong ellicat, no such thing as spare time when having a break by the sea,your either fishing,exploring,fishing,swimming,fishing,eating,fishing,sleeping or relaxing and vegeing out. :laugh:

Get on with life,the DH`s of the world will still be here when you get back,they can`t help themselves. :angry: :laugh:

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Thought of the jetty today, but I'm geared up with 3 surf rods a sharking outfit and only one little spinner. We've been chilling Gad, but I don't mind feeding the AFO addiction in the down time.

Got saturated this twice this arvo for one measley 64cm tailor and a bite off just after dark. Will give them another crack before heading back tomorrow night.

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