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A new customer base for McDonalds???


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I swear I'm not plugging the company I work for or anything but...

Finished work today (I'm at maccas... though with any luck, not for a whole lot longer!) and bought myself the new McBites in a 20 pack meal.... they are good, but to be honest, 3 years of eating one food and you get over it. So thought I would pop down to the bay and give them a go. Turns out the bream love them lol. Chips as burely sets them off and just drop a bite in, wait and your on! Managed to get 3 25-26cm bream in a half hour session down there, which is very unusual with this particular lot.

They are very finicky at the local, and today I saw the usual school of 50 or so decent fish. They hammered the chips, but as soon as they see a fishing rod they dissapear pretty quick! Put my little fat-filled bait in, and within moments was onto the first.

Normaly by now they have vanished, never to bite again for a few hours, but I got hit a few more times until one wrapped me around a pylon. Gently pulled him out though. They were shut down this time, and so I moved to another spot, where some boys were fishing with prawns. I was quickly advised that there were no fish to catch in the area as they had been there for half an hour with no result. Sure enough, first cast in and got my third for the day hehe :cheer: . This was followed by much swearing by the boys who proceeded to ask what bait I was using. I told them, and there was immediatly talk of walkin down to maccas to get some new bait :silly: . Shame they were so bashful and jealouse of my success, I might have been more likely to tell them how to fish, instead of telling them about a bait that is as good as any other.

It really makes me laugh when people curse their luck and proclaim that there is no fish in a spot, when really its their technique that is letting them down. I have caught fish on every bait you could think of there and got fish,b ut I had to learn how to fish it first...

Just a little rant from me for the day :)



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