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Needed bullie bait got tilapia instead


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Went down to one of my local ponds just outside berrinba wetland to try and get some mullet as i need some for shark bait. well they were patchy and didnt like any bait i threw at em heaps of them were jumping but nothing and then the rain started and kept going and still nothing so i bit the bullet and went into the wetlands its a no fishing zone but stuck to one of the outer ponds there was heaps of mullet but they were tiny and a few tilapia so flicked out some bread and not long before zzzziinnnnnnnnngggg and i was onto a nice sized tilapia would have been 30cm+ or so


.re baited and a few more baits later landed this nice one


about the same size before it started to bucket down persisted and hooked up to another then it got off i was saturated and didnt get any dryer on the 20 min ride home but was good to get out for a fish and catch some. this no fishing thing in the wetlands is so stupid because they are just breeding tilapia and carp. :angry:

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