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Kids first Boating Session


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Slightly belated report but took the 2 eldest girls out on the Pumicestone Passage weekend before last for their first ever boating adventure.

Picked up the boat from Bribie Boat Hire at 7am and headed just out just past the bridge for the last part of the runout. Bit choppy and not much action apart from a Shovely so headed on up to White Patch with the run in tide.


Not long after anchoring up and Ashlyn was on to her first, no surprise in it being a Shovely but a fish nonetheless!


Not to be outdone, Ebony was then on to her first and once again no surprises...


Quickly followed up but Ashlyn with one of her own...


She then got onto one of these and I have NFI what it is?


After lunch we headed on over towards Ningi in the hope of getting on to a couple of flatties. Ebony got a massive hit on her line but unfortunately the gear wasn't up to the task. Ashlyn on the other hand was soon onto to her first Bream and a good sized one at that:


Given I was unsure about how the catch rate would go, I opted to put this one in the fish keeper and hang it over the side of the boat i.e. if we didn't catch enough for a feed then we'd release him.

Fished on and both girls got onto a few more Bream, meanwhile I'm sitting there catching sweet FA (nothing unusual for me...)



By 4.00pm it was time to call it quits and head on back to the marina. Given we hadn't caught a decent enough feed I decided to let the Bream in the keep go. Unfortunately, at some stage whilst motoring around Ningi a certain idiot skipper forgot about said fish and he along with the fish keeper got sliced and diced on the prop... :whistle: oops...

Anywho, no massive fish caught but consistent catches and the girls had an awesome day out on the water. Next on the agenda is a trip over to Moreton.



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neat report.works well when taking kids fishing that there is something willing to come out and play,keeps the interest there and anticipation levels high.

The girls must be looking forward to out fishing dad again on the next trip.:lol:

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Paul it's a Leatherjacket.

Damn good eating just watch the spike on the back mate.

Any idea what the size limit on these guys are? Can't find anything via the DPI site? Wikipedia refers to it being a jack and a member of the Carangidae family... :S

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Nice report Raven. Looks like you have the best of both worlds at the moment - can take the family out for a day on the water but without the overhead of owning and maintaining your own boat. The girls look like they are having a great time and if they are like my kids were, it is hard to explain why you don't keep everything they catch! Enjoy these years, they are very precious.


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