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Mackerel 4 / Fishos 0


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Set off early today to hunt some mackerel down the gold coast again with Adrian (kirra poltergeist) and a mate from down on the coast. We past through some showers on the highway but was clear for us to launch and cross the bar. The bar was good on the incoming tide and we anchored on my spot then set about getting some baits out.

The livies were hard to get but a yakka turned up an hour into it and we had a bit of a wait for the spotties to show up as well. Around 0730 a few boats started to hook up around us so we increased the burley trail which got them interested behind our boat. We had 4 strikes over the next half hour or so but the fish beat the fishos to get way and fight another day.

It was slow for most boats today and they nearly all left by 8am with showers passing through all morning but we called it stumps by 9 and crossed the bar just before high tide. Better luck next time and thanks for the company today Adrian i would recomend you as a great deckie and a top bloke


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