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Miserable weather Saturday 4th and few ]fish

hunter armytage

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Decided to expand my horizons and venture out from my usually spots around the mouth of the brisbane river out into the bay last Saturday. After picking up some live herring I settled on the coffee pots as this was about as far as i was willing to travel in my little 4.1 m tinny in rather ordinary weather .

I sent out a live herring and was flicking around a 4inch atomic grub to keep my mind of the swell which was rising along with the contents of my stomach.

When the livie goes off and the rod bends over then 2 seconds later bang its off, so i wind up the rod to discover that something has bitten through the 50 lb leader.

After a bit of digging around in the tackle box I find some very seldom used thin single strand wire, Which i rig up and send out with another herring.

After about 10 mins this goes off and after about 10mins of tussle up pops my first first shark in moreton bay, after getting him in the boat for a couple of snaps off he goes for another day.


After rebaiting the live bait and i still flicking the plastic around when it gets whacked on the drop and i catch my first jew on a plastic which was a great fun as i was using my new bait caster combo which included the rod i won at the BRC classic.

The livie goes off again and i tighten the drag and we are on again after about 20 seconds the shark breaches the water about 50 m from the boat and leaps a good 2 feet in to the air which was really spectacular. After about 15 mins and several circles around the boat and one broken landing net we have him in the boat and I am a bit more confident now so i try to get him on the brag matt for a photo which proved to be rather difficult as the shark was thrashing about, the swell was up, I was in bare feet and wanted to keep my toes attached so this was as close as i could get to a half decent photo


Any way I stayed out for another hour or so and ended up with 3 jew ranging between 45 cm and 70 cm and the 2 sharks and still kept breakfast down

So although the weather was horrible I still had a good time and few firsts as well



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