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going to try something different


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on the weekend after the AFO party we went to gambaro's for my work party .

had oysters kilpatrick and BBQ Moreton Bay Bugs ,mrs had Garlic Prawns.

and i tried a few other things too ,as i was hungry and finished off the others meals .

i have cooked garlic prawns before ,mrs reckon mine where better and i agree too .

i enjoyed the bugs and oysters,but i think the bugs where a bit over cooked /dry .

so now i'm interested in cooking and seafood again .

so tomorrow i'm going to try and cook up a pasta and muscles and prawn thing .

had a look at a few recipes for seafood /white /sauces and have a few ideas in my head too ,so see how i go .

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yeps will let ya know how it works out .

haven't really made anything bad so far ,sometime its a bit strong on flavour .that's about the worst i do .

that's the best way hey mick ,bit of experimentation ,bit of this and a bit of that and see how it turns out .

now if i only drank white wine i could do like in some of the recipes i saw.

2 bottles of white wine ,drink a glass while cooking ,drink another glass ,add a glass to food cooking ,open second bottle of wine and have a glass and finish cooking .finish off bottle while eating .

after that much wine it would not matter if the food was any good or not .

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