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Bribie 8-12-10


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headed up to bribie for a bit of a fish last night

got there about 6, pumped some yabbies and off we went. tried under the bridge first for a 30cm whiting and a little ray but wasnt really much biting so decided to head up to further

this move would soon pay off with many lost fish and a couple of firsts

wasnt long before we had hooked up and lost a couple of fish, then finally i boated one, a legal grassy, so that was dinner sorted

a few moses and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz splash zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz splash... could just see the silver flashes as it jumped and i called for a queenie, after about 5 minutes of fighting this fish and many more jumps it was in the boat.. A TARPON!! a first for me and he went about 60odd cm.. few happy snaps and he was on his way... needless to say i was stoked at this point

a few more moses, bream and squire after that before the rod buckles again, called it for a decent squire but again i was wrong, a 42cm painted sweetlip which was another first

reaching down the back of the boat to grab something i heard all this water sloshing around so looked down and sure enough the boat was filling up, so a quick pack up and a mad dash for the pots and the ramp

ended up with 3 legal sandies (a little less than the 23 we got last time)

turns out there is a hairline crack in the hull

but all in all a good night

will chuck some pics up when i get them off my phone

cheers, Jake

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