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WANTED ells & mac tuna


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Hi all, if anyone has any eels that they want to sell i will pay $10 for one around the metre mark, and $6 for one around the 50cm mark, pike or fresh water eels are fine, i want them for eel fillets when i go sharking up at Hervey bay, Woodgate beach, in two weeks. And i also want some Mac Tuna cos Benito cost too much, if anyone has any Mac tuna that they will sell then we could sort out a price then as I have know idea what they are worth. I can pick up anywhere from north Brisbane to sunshine coast

Cheers Corey

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whatr the devil are you guys going on about cos i have no idea

What you're planning is illegal. Quoted from dpi website:

Sale of fish and other prohibitions

Sale of fish

The taking of fish for sale other than by licensed fishers is prohibited in Queensland.

Best to catch them yourself or buy from a shop ;)

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Mate what date are you leaving? I fish raby bay here a bit and am almost garunteed to get at least one pike eel a session. I am on the southside in cleveland, so let me know if you are able at all to get here and I can keep any I catch for you, no need to pay =)

So only need to know if you can get here, and what the latest possible date is before you leave. Shoot me a pm =)



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