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anchor in front of windscreen


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Sorry for the stupid noob question but I'm deciding on a tinnie upgrade and I don't understand the process of using an achor that sits in front of a windscreen.

I've been in a 3hp for a year and wanted to upgrade to something faster with a windscreen and a small amount of shelter at the front. I just don't understand how use an anchor if there is no access around the windscreen to wherever the anchor might be attached.


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my 12 foot tinny and the 15 foot runabout both had windscreens .

similar to the pictures u have there ,but both do not have a top/cover/bimini.

i took the wind screens off .

the one in the tinny was ok to lean over for anchor duties ,the one in the boat u had to hop over and sit on the front of the boat to anchor .

when the windscreens where still on ,i would just anchor off the back of the boat .

windscreens are ok for wind /spray protection but with no bimini there no sun cover .

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