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I got a deal, I thinks...:-)>

Mr FeLiX

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Evening all,

Just went to BCF on a whim to have a look around at the chrissie specials and nearly jumped out of my skin.

I've been looking for a medium/heavy baitcast outfit for use on big jew, threadfin etc. I've always dreamt of owning a loomis rod, and I have fufilled my dream as of now...

I picked up a G. Loomis GL2 CR665 14-25 Lb baitcast rod for a measly $169. My eyes are still the size of dinner plates. Apparently over $200 pff retail.


I know it isn't the best out of the Loomis stable, but it's light, uses high quality components and just feels right. Like a lightsaber. Only deadlier... :evil:

I decided to match it with a baitcaster out of the Daiwa stable and picked up a Saltist HRF. It lools hot, has a decent amount of drag pressure and is forgiving enough even for me. :silly:

Also got some mono for backing and a spool of Fireline smoke, 20 Lb.

Ready to open a can of worms... I mean whoop a*s

Still a few bargains there, might be last years models but who cares, it's a Loomis.

Yeah baby!!

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