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jew and jacks from the last few trips


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gday all been a while since i have put a report up, i have moved and have not been bothered getting the net up and running.

i have done 2 trips to the coomera with a jack on each trip and a few big bust ups. tuesday night i hit the mouth of the brisbane river the first trip in a month and boy did it turn it on!! :woohoo: first drop and a pb brisbane jew at 77cm, then 2 major dust ups with the hooks being straightened once and second dust up in the pylons. i then got a better pb jew at 84cm followed by 3 more dust ups on 50lb and 30lb braid. seriously monster fish what ever they were :( :laugh: was still awesome fun. the jacks from the coomera went 47cm and 42cm not monsters but the fish i was targeting. will be out again soon and when i can use my brothers computer will post more reports.

cheers for reading






gh i got in the cast net, released a lil battered.





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Great fish, Wes. All on live bait?
cheers mate, the jacks fell for a fresh fillet of mullet still wiggling lol the 77 jew live poddy the 84 was a blue herring from the coomera trip cloudy eyes and smelt funky lol the big bust ups were all live mullet.
Thanks for sharing, Wes. If I didn't love beer so much I would try a bit of night fishing.
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Nice one Wes, as always. Is the best feeling of acheivement when you get the fish you are specifically targeting.

I was thinking of hitting the mouth this saturday morning at the crack of dawn, but with my track record after rain am thinking probably a waste of time. Anyone gonna be out trying this weekend anyway?

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