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drag net


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hey every1,

i was just woundering is drag nets not allowed in qld or they cant be ova a certain size

cheers doss

yep they are legal. max length 16 m (5o') x max drop 3m (10') .

I still occassionally use mine,the difficult part is finding someone willing to take the deep end :laugh:

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Seine nets

(commonly known as bait nets in tidal waters)

A seine net must not exceed 16 m in length, 3 m in drop and must have a mesh size no greater than 28 mm. The net must not contain a bag, pocket or similar device. The use of the net is subject to the following conditions:

* it must not be anchored, staked or fixed

* no part of the net containing fish must be out of the water other than to immediately remove fish for release

* all regulated fish, and fish not intended to be taken, must be released into water deep enough to allow the fish to escape.

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Be a bit careful as I don't think they are legal everywhere. For example I think they are not allowed in Hervey Bay between Urangan and Point Vernon, but I could be wrong there. Definitely you can't use them as a set net, so make sure you have someone at both ends (preferably someone else at the deep end :lol: ).

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