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Today's Flick.....


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Well decided to go for a flick today with a mate so in preparation decided i needed a couple of new lures so off i went to the local BCF and walked out with 2x Rapala X-Ráp's ( $40 ) Bucko turned up to my House around lunch so off we went up to Redcliffe to try and bag a couple of Flathead first 30 mins and ive lost one lure to a dodgy knot not too happy but put the next one on all the while im full of confidance and smart remarks i proceed to flick around with my lure only to lose this one as well not to a dodgy knot but somehow working itself clear through the split ring(Devestated):( , i proceed flicking variou other lurse around to no avail we decide to head to the pier and try our luck there, after 2 hours head back to the previouse spot thinking it should be bettrer now the tide has gone out a bit more and start flicking around for a further hour and a half with nothing but a Donut it the wind we pack up to head home when ii take a detour to a freshwater spot( 25minutes out of the way) we arrive to a older bloke leaving when he shows me a bucket of bass ( way over the legal limit) and with no guilt as i have words about it to him only for this bastard to exclaim he'll be back tomorow for more :angry: he takes off and we continue to the spot only to find some-one else flicking lure aswell have a bit of a chat and find out he is a fellow AFO member (Rocket), was great to meet you, proceed casting lure's around in the vain hope of getting something when Rocket decides to take off with a dreaded donut we part ways and me and my mate Bucko continue flicking away changing up lures when on goes a surface popper to trie its luck(never caught anything yet),flick it out a few times when smack " I"M On " i crie and have a awsome little fight for about 5 minuets and landing my first ever fish caught on a surface lure that being a great little Tilapia at 41cm


Ã'm absoloutly stoked and have a huge smile much to Bucko's Distaste as we had a 6 pack for the first plate sized fish landed


Continue for another 45 minuets with nothing else before we had to leave as the respective wife's leave pass was just about up we head home Bucko still grumbling and me giving him stick all the way home.....:woohoo:

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thanks for your kind words Elicat, alas it is true that not all AFOers are like me, but if we were all handsome and talented life would be so boring.

Nice to meet you Ben, good to see you managed a fish even if it was not the intended species. Here's hoping that fisheries continue to patrol that area and make those mongrels think twice before their next raid.


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