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Cranks Vs Blades/Vibes for bream?


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Yeah got to agree with the above post. They both have their advantages in different situations. If you can afford to, get a mix of both mate. And yeah check out information on retrieves. Here is a few links for some tips with blades that i like. Different cranks can often have different retrieve techniques whereas blades generally have a few successful retrieves that i have found work across all of the brands i have used. Good luck and hope this helps.




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I was in he same boat a while back with decisions like this, and eventually got so frustrated I decided to revert to the heavier style of fishng I am used to. Lol :silly:

Long story short, the succes I did have mainly revolved around the TT ghostblades, great action on both the retrieve and the drop plus with their lighter weight, they sre great for finnesse style fishing. I also caught a few bream on plastics, mainly of the gulp 3 inch minnow variety in banana prawn or pumpkin seed colour running TT hidden weight system jigheads.

Personally, I think it all comes down to the retrieve and the leader thickness. That's just my opinion in the end.

Hope that helped somewhat

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