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any good spots hervey bay


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Hi all, i am heading up to hervey bay on the 24th till the 28th and am spending two days at woodgate beach, and two days fishing urangan pier, but just in case i can not get on to the urangan pier, cos of hols, and during the day time at woodgate ( don't catch sharks during the day), i was wondering if anyone can give me any other good spots around that area, i am happy to drive about 1 hour, the fish i want to target are: Tuna, Macs, Rays, Trevs, Small GT, Golden Trevs, Bream, Jew ( full moon on one of the days), Barra, and Turrum,

Cheers Corey

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River Heads can be ok as well and not too crowded, but take your biggest tackle box and expect to lose a bit of gear.

:( I was hoping someone wouldn't mention the heads its one of my secret spots although its not to secret. Depending on how much rain they've had up there it can be a good place to fish. The tide can rip through there if you dont pick the right tide. The best time to go there is at night so you dont have to constantly move from the main boat from when the barge comes in. The otherside isnt to bad on a low but there alot more snags there. If your planing on using lures there hardbodies are your best bet and for footwear is old set of shoes alot of the rocks there are covered with oysters.

Just make sure you leave some fish there for me :lol:

Fish I've caught from there:

School mackeral




Wolf herring




Lemon Shark



Moses Perch









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Hi, thanks lot guys, i will give gatakers bay and river heads a go, just wondering, i have attached a google map of te spot i think you mean, if that is the spot which one of the spots marked A to F do you recomend i fish at

and have you ever heard of people using poppers there and if so have they ever got any fish, and could you recomend any good hard bodys for me

hope i am not asking to many qustions lol

and seing that i hardly ever get any fish i am quite sure that the will e pleanty of fish left for you

Cheers Corey


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those arrows are more for boating. Have a look on my map theres 4 marks 3 are the boat ramp and 1 is the channel marker. spot 1 &2 are the main areas I fish at night just stick to the ramps at night so you know where all your gear is that way you wont leave anything behind. during the day on a low tide start from boat ramp 2 and walk out to spot 3 then follow that to the other boat ramp. At spot 3 that channel is quite deep think from memory 30+mtrs i could be wrong and mite be feet been along time since i fished there in a boat. the only thing if caught was a tailor on a popper as far as deep divers just pick any really most will do the job.


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sorry about this but i am not sure which side of river heads i am suppose to fish, i have included i map, if at al possible would you be able give me a rough idea as to where to fish, i.e.: which side to fish and do you mean up near the point of up towards Urangan pier a bit or ect and i notice a boat ramp at the end Site C, is that one of the spots you were telling me about, or not. Sorry to mess you around like this

Thanks heaps Corey


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As a land strapped fisher in Hervey Bay, I can tell you the only deep water landbased is the pier. Right down the end, catch your live herring on site with a jig (up current), then drop it down current. I have seen big trevally caught off there as well as mackeral and queenies, you could also drop dead baits down current but you need heavy weight to get it down quick, the current is mega quick, otherwise it will ratle around near the surface.

Gatakers has no fish...none.....oh...ok..there are some (thats my ...cough...sweet spot). At the boat ramp (the good one), there is a dug out channel to the markers up to and over 7 foot deep..catch is a little assorted, but if the flathead are around they prefer plastics over dead bait....I find low tide is best in this spot.

Otherwise high tide on any of the smaller jetties is okay too, hardyheads and herring can be caught onsite but seem a bit timmid lately. Oh, one other thing, in the open bay area (pier and jetties), use decent sized longshanks because the toadfish can be prolific and you will lose hooks. Also make sure you are familiar with 'happy moments' as they seem to be around in numbers too.

If you plan on fishing the pier it will be handy to have a weighted gaff attached to a rope to bring up your catch (its a long walk to the beach), or hopefully there will be some locals around with a gaff on hand.

For the pier I have an old 3 wheel pram, the esky sits in it with all my gear, the gaff sits in the tray on the bottom, it has drink tray holder along the top, and when fishing, I will face the handle to the side facing the water and the gap between the handle and drink holder is perfect for holding rods at the right angle. Last tip when fishing the pier, keep your drag loose when you put the rod down, it doesnt take long between noticing a tap on the tip and Where T F did my rod go?

Have fun...Oh very last tip, for bait check out some of the smaller shops, BCF are in town but their bait is dearer.

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Hope you have fun at the Bay. The weather has been a bit miserable with wind and rain and humidity , I have been here just over a year and its the most uncomfortable its been since moving here. In saying that though, today is quite nice. At least you arent far from the pier during your stay. Keep in mind that the pier is almost 1km long, take drinks, take a hat, and use the toilets on the mainland before you go out there :huh: . You also have a tackle shop just around the corner up from the pier. At night if you see some gas lights hanging down from the pier, grab some squid jigs and have a bit of fun with them too (fish on the opposite side of others lights or they get narky). :whistle:

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Thanks for the info, i will be fishing urangan pier for one day and one night and i will also try the other spots said, and yeah i will be bring the bait up with me, and gold nogget, most of the fish i catch i rlet go so i use a big crab pot on the end of a long rope to bring th fish up,

Thanks Heaps Guys Cheers Corey

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I was planning on fishing Hervey Bay for four days over xmas with a mate kayaking and fishing but due to the weather report pulled the plug on that ideas. So best of luck with the fishing, also if you get stuck try Eli Waters with livies as there's Mj's, Big Eyes, Cod, Barra and all sorts in there and big as well.



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well i have got back from hervey, i fished woodgate beach, urangan pier,river heads,gatakers bay, elis creek,burrum river, and i did not get a single fish, the locals said that nobody had been catching any fish cos of all the fresh, so i will be going up there again some time,Cheers Corey

I think they might be on to something there ;) :laugh:

Always next time :)

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