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Rod Tubes. Worth Buying?


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Depends on how far you're travelling.

If you do your bulk of travel via PT, get a tube.

If you do a few trips with other gear posing a threat of hurting rods/guides etc. Get some PVC plumbing pipe from Bunnings.

If you just wanna keep your sticks away from everything else in the back of the car whilst occasionally going on a break, get a cardboard tube and put your bagged rods in it.

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rod tube .

yep a good thing .

i use mine when i go camping ,it keep the rods away form camping gear in the van or the rods safe on the roof rack .

if i put them in the van ,not tube .they seam to vibrate and move around .same thing on the roof rack ,its a steel cage on hard bumps the rods bump against the steel.

i can fit 3 of my graphite rods in the tube if i put them in right ,only use the tube for the graphite rods as i have already broken 2 in transport .

cash converters goodna have 1 ,its a jarvas walker one i think .

just check the new price else where first ,so that u don't pay to much for second hand or u can talk them down in price .

i bought a yabbie pump from there 15$ .it was 20 $ .there only 40$ new at kmart ,so i was not going to pay 20$.

but they got me on a landing net 10$ ,i saw it new after i bought it for 11 $.but before then the cheapest landing net i saw was 20$.

so u got to check around for prices before u buy from them .

if u are going to use kmart to check prices ,use riverlink .

i was there the other day and they have a lot more fishing gear in stock than redbank plaza.

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IMO they are worth it... The tubes are good if you are carrying stuff on trains etc because they have a strap as well to you can throw over the shoulder and away you go.. The PVc is good for the car... Anything is better then nothing...I think the straps would be handy in the sitiuation other have mentioned above..



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