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Dunwich Saturday 11th 2010


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Well we were somewhat defeated but a few small successes made it worth while.

The plan was for the crew (Swersey, Doobsy, Do$tylz, ryanyoung and myself) to head over to Dunwich and dig in for the night. Tactics included lots of lures and livies when we were exhausted.

We put in a valiant effort for about 5 hours but when the weather band we were watching and praying would somehow avoid us hit, it was all over red rover.

Highlights included:

Meeting new mates.


The trip over (a first for some).


Ryan hooking up to a decent 45cm ish GT on the 2nd cast! Do$tylz has some pictures of the actual fish.


A million rat squire.


This rat squire that got mauled by something on the way in. Photo doesnt do it justice but it was quite lacerated and missing a lot of scales. Guesses are one of the many big cod that inhabit the area.


Doobsy landing this very hard fighting golden on a chubby and light gear!


We will be back.


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Looks like the weather wasn't too kind for you guys but you put the yards in and got a few fish for your efforts. Was over there a couple of weeks ago and there's no bait there atm so there doesn't seem to be anything big hanging around. Another month and things might pick up a bit. I'll bet that Squire was hit by a cod they're there to catch but you need REALLY heavy gear to get em out.



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Yeah plastic we hooked 8 cod last time we were there and only landed 1!

You are right about the bait and I was telling this to the guys last night.

Last time I was there the balls of hardy heads were insane. This time we could not get 1 hardy head, herring or otherwise in teh cast net. Dissapointing, but thats fishing.


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