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Gold Coast Creek.. again


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Got cabin fever like everyone else in the past couple of weeks so I decided to down to one of the local creeks. I haven't been there since the last report and I was interested to see how the fishing would be after the deluge.

Needless to say it had risen up quite alot and the clarity was substantially different to the gin clear water I saw a month ago.


Two casts later with the beetlespin and I found out the fish were still around.


Quick picture on the phone and he was back into the turbid, flowing water. Walked down 5m to the next opening and fired a couple of casts into the bulk of the flow. Managed to get the beetlespin far enough inbetween the eddy on the far side and the current and this little guy picked it up a couple of times before he took off. He was missing half a tail, but managed to use the current nicely to make the Sol sing.


Walked down further to where I would normally fish if the water wasn't so high and managed the best for the day at 40cm. This one took a shortened 4" slider on the drop and wasn't much of a fight til he saw the bank. Again a quick snap on the camera phone and he was off to his snag. I think it might be a PB size for a wild bass (read: no dam in the headwaters of this creek)


Good to see the local catchment has been very active and healthy during the rains. Now back to banging my head against a wall after seeing the forecast for the coming week.

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Yeah it gets quite skinny in some parts - I'm usually wading to the middle which is still only knee high but has come up about a metre during the rain. Good fun seeing the fish arc and make bow waves in the skinny stuff but now it's too deep for that.

Brian, yeah I reckon most people figure it's way to shallow and muddy to hold anything. Bonus for me B)

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Just a quick update -

Fished the creek in December for zilch, although that was expected since it had been pouring rain. The water was even more turbid (if possible) than last time and had gone up another metre. The rapids had disappeared with the extra water and it seemed so had the fish.

Gave the creek a bit of a break until today. With some inspiration from Dino's thread and how nice the water was in the hinterland - I figured it might have improved aswell. Walked down on my last day of holidays and found the rapids and water clarity had returned. In the 1 hour session found two willing fish, which were just a bonus to the scenery. First fish of 2011 aswell.


Some hipstamatic bass


And just a photo I found on the iphone taken in December during the crazy weather.


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