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My first scale in the yak and other adventures.


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Hi All,

Got a kayak in September but to date I had failed to raise a scale in it.. Not that I had tried that much. work and weather had put end to all plans I had.. Decided to leave the jack population alone ( not that I have really bothered them that much to date) and chase bream and little Trev's to ensure success. After a few too many beers, rums and tequila our morning session soon ended up a late Arvy look around the palm beach canals down the coast.

The tide was low but on the way in and with all the rain around the water was dirty... As soon as we had the yaks in water the surface action started. A few swirls here and there. All looked good. After reading a few post about the new scum dog from Berkley I decided it would get a solid work out this arvo.. After a bit of a paddle up to the first few pontoons decided to work the angles and see what happens..

After bit of time getting the balance worked out and getting the eye in with a new lure I got a little hit.. Fired a cast in again tight against structure, another hit and I was on.. Thinking this lure is not bad.. Anyway a little bream comes aboard, all of 23cm, but you couldn't wipe the smile off my face... First scale in the yak.. After a couple of photo's (i know it is a bream but this was a celebration hahaha) off we go again.

Next cast I fire a prospecting cast over near a little backyard ramp that looked covered in mess. I remember reading somewhere that look for the pontoon's etc that look the least well maintained.. Anyway 2 turns of the handle and as the lure darts back, bang big hit, another crank and again. Heart rate increases, turn the handle again and bang this time the hooks stick.. The little sedona starts to peel a bit of line off and the little loomis rod starts to buckle under a bit of weigh. My mate makes the call for a jack but I know that fairytales do not happen to me. After a tussle I say little trev and after a bit of handy net work by myself we are both wrong and a healthy bream of 30cm+ comes aboard.

To say I am stoked is a under statement.. Another photo or 2 for the yak collection and this is where everything started to go bad..... And I mean bad.. I put the camera down after my mate handed it back but not away.. First mistake... As I went too release the little bugger somehow I ended up in the drink. Second mistake!!!!! After the initial shock of being in the drink I realized that this is not great.. Bumped into the loomis combo on the way over to shore and that is when i remembered that I had a bait caster combo as well in the yak.. When I got my stuff together that is when I remembered the camera.. Being about 6.30pm and the water extra murky I decided the canal swim wasn't the best idea and went with the heavy raider along the bottom method to try and jag the rod and if really lucky the camera..

Well my mate got the rod after about 10 minutes and the lumix is still at the bottom... bugger.. just as well the missus is in the USA or she could have been a little bit more disappointed when I told her...

Lesson learnt is to ensure everything floats or is tied to the yak but still happy with the arvo results.

Sorry no pics, well at least until the weather cleans up a bit and we can get the snorkel out and do a little search mission.


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